KSHMR expresses his agony for Jammu & Kashmir with ‘Jammu’, along with a peace message

Niles Hollowell-Dhar, popularly known by his stage name ‘KSHMR‘ (pronounced Kashmir) is an Indian American DJ, record producer and musician from Berkeley, California.

Having his ethnic and cultural roots in the Jammu & Kashmir region of India, Niles has a special bond with the people of the region, also because his grandparents and parents belonged to the same region.

In spite of all the tension that has been prevailing for several decades now, the people of Kashmir still somehow survive through the pain and agony , be it their strength and their courage to fight for their families and their country.

While nothing can heal the wounds of people who suffered in this tension, music sure has the power to reduce their suffering .’KSHMR’ proving his loyalty to the people of Kashmir, released a track called ‘Jammu’ dedicated to the people of Kashmir and his ‘Dadima’ (Grandmother).

Released in June 2015, the video shows a terrorist who is on a suicide mission to blast a bus full of passengers and just then he recalls his childhood time when he was playing with his mother and one day she was killed in a bomb blast. The little boy grows up to be a terrorist which brings him to this suicide mission. Now, he faces a dilemma whether to push the button or not. What happens next, you can see in the video below:

Sometimes, the most courageous act is the one you don’t do.


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