Lunar Pole fuses Drum N Bass with folk classical Indian in ‘Vagabond in City’

Lunar Pole a.k.a WinTeR MooN, hailing from Amristar in India is known for his uplifting trance tracks and music production tutorials on Youtube has been an active member of the scence since 2012.

Although, his prefered style of music is Uplifting Trance, he also likes to experiment with different genres of music, sometimes amalgmating one into another.

Reusing his vision of pure music, Lunar Pole presents us with a magical and euphoric new offering ‘Vagabond in City’, pushing the boundaries between electronic music and classical India music with its authentic intricately textured composition played on Sarangi topped with folk Rajasthani vocals.

Starting with authentic ambient sounds of a highway and monsoon rains, which he recalls had been recorded during his travels – warm pads make a subtle appearance in the background followed by the powerful Rajasthani vocals to instantly trigger euphoria. The beautiful sound of Sarangi kicks following the vocals in a rather amazing melodic composition which takes sharp twists and turns scaling up and down just like a river flowing out of the mountains. Drum N Bass ties the piece together in an emotive progression that promotes both tranquiliy and contentment.

Story behind ‘Vagabond in City’

“Vagabond in City, well it’s my imagination.” – says Kawal. The track depicts the story of Basant, a Rajasthani boy who is wandering on the streets of Varanasi with his blind father who sings very well while ‘Basant’ plays the Sarangi with him.The timeline of this track illustrates both father and son wandering through the streets of the city of Varanasi (India).

Fusing heavy Drum N Bass with soft folk classical Indian music is no easy task but Lunar Pole not only fused them together but also maintained the originality of the two different shores of music in a delicate knot that ties them both together into a beautiful track.

The track is available as a free download on Soundcloud as well.

Follow Lunar Pole to hear more of his music:

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