These Nuns Are Growing Cannabis To Help Heal The World

Based in California’s Central Valley, Sister Kate and Sister Darcy now popularly known as The Sisters of the Valley are not affiliated with any traditional earthly religion. The Sisters’ spiritual practices support the process of making medicine. On their website, it states:…

We respect the breadth and depth of the gifts of Mother Earth, working to bridge the gap between Her and her suffering people.

These nuns are breaking all traditions of ordinary nun-hood. The sisters actually don’t consider themselves Catholic or associate with any specific traditional religion. These women have the purpose of cultivating cannabis and understanding that it is a sacred medicine to be respected.

They’ve created a spiritual space that they consider sacred to produce different kinds of CBD (CBD – Cana-Blessing Daily) oil’s, tinctures, salves and different organic medicine. Many of these concoctions have proven to be extremely effective in treating a wide range of ailments, anything from back pain, seizures, migraines and much more.

The Sisters make their medicines by moon cycles, according to ancient tradition — sewing prayer and healing intention into every bottle and jar. This is incredible because the energy they are putting into their creations are extremely full of care and purity.

The Sisters of teh Valley have already gained much internnational recognition and are making a minimum of 10,000$ a week. And not only this, they are an inspiration to the other women empowering them to be self reliant and bend the so-called rules and help heal the world.

Located in California’s Central Valley, these sisters are really breaking all the rules of what it means to be a sister.

In a recent reply to a facebook page fan,the sisters said:

We are more like the Sisters who came before Catholicism. Saint Scholastica didn’t form her order until the mid or late 800’s, and there was a long tradition of Sisters working, living, and praying together, dressed, alike, taking vows, long before that time. We are more like the beguines. (not bedouins), which were women who lived together, worked together, prayed together, and who supported themselves via textiles, most likely, made from hemp. They clustered their homes together and didn’t necessarily live communally. In the beguine communities, the women ran everything and they didn’t have to take life-time vows, could own private property and move on any time they wanted. The men lived and worked in their communities as well, but they weren’t allowed to hold private property. You can see why the Catholic version of a nun is so unempowering and yet, the origins of the Sisterhoods were extremely self-empowered. Funny how that happened, isn’t it?

Check them out here.

Follow them on their Facebook here.




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