The Soul asks for Freedom

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion” – Albert Camus.

In the never-ending quest for knowledge, remain connected and informed all the time, man invented the most revolutionary advancement in communication – the Internet.

Today, it is known to connect not just computers but over a 3 billion hearts, minds and souls.

 As witnesses to the birth of this technology leading to a paradigm shift in the world of communication, we continue to become increasingly, irrevocably and irreversibly connected. We are no longer of being capable alone.

In this act of moving forward with technology, we are really going nowhere.

“Fighting the arms from both the ends, in rotation, testing the spirals of curiosity, and descending with ignorant gravity. I feel lost, and alone, yet finding the company within my singular soul.”

In this shimmering virtual world of Internet that is known to empower and connect people and machines across the world, the dark side remains unseen. Like a moth to a flame, our generation is drawn towards the internet, unaware of the ghastly consequences ahead of them.

As we go deeper into this self-made virtual world in the name of connecting with the world, we are getting disconnected from ourselves.

We are addicted to the Internet, literally informing ourselves to death.

We tend to lose all sense of time when we are online. Our generation is drawn so deeply into the world of bits and bytes that they do not notice entire days passing by. They forget to eat, sleep, and go to work, communicate with family members and even care for their children.

When the virtual world and real world are competing for their attention, the virtual world wins.

We are trapped in the virtual world.

Ultimately, we have become the slaves of the internet.

In the noise of this virtual world. The voice of our own soul remains unheard. The soul which asks for freedom.

As the days pass by, the borderline between the real and the virtual world is becoming thinner and thinner and thinner. Our real life is turning into virtual life. We will soon be living in the virtual world.

The virtual world may give us more access to each other’s lives, but it’s also responsible for distancing us from those very people.

We talk online. We shop online. We meet our friends online. We play online. Almost everything we do today is online. We are nothing but data, a virtual landscape, on which our every move is recorded and sold to the highest bidder.

Someone somewhere in the real world knows everything we do in the virtual world and the real world.
He knows our every move. He knows what we like, what we eat, what we watch, what we read, where we are, pretty much everything.

He has the power to influence our every move. In a nutshell, he has the control of our lives. We have become the slaves of the internet. Is this the pinnacle of technology or the end of freedom of our own lives?



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